Aurora Archer and Pamela Raitt are the co-founders of Bellatrix Group. They met in 2009 as client (Aurora) and agency creative lead (Pamela) to build and launch a billion dollar pharmaceutical brand targeting patients with depression. Both came from a design-thinking and technology background and they bonded over their belief in the methodologies of that industry. Ultimately they were able to use authentic stories about real patients and their families, told through innovative technology platforms, to create a commercial gangbuster. They formed Bellatrix Group in 2018 to continue to bring their vision, passion, and values to the healthcare industry, and to help it navigate much-needed disruption in a way that will create better outcomes for all. The Bellatrix leadership team has a combined 50 years’ experience guiding clients to solutions, and serving on the client side as champions for transformation.


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AURORA ARCHER, FOUNDER AND Chief executive officer

Aurora Archer is no stranger to Health and Wellness having spent 7 years at AstraZeneca where she led the consumer re-launch and growth of a $6.5B stagnant brand and subsequently led both the US and global digital transformation teams driving digital & marketing strategy with an emphasis on social, mobile, content strategy and predictive analytics across Consumer, Provider and Payor segments. Aurora also served a Senior Vice President of Marketing Strategy at Everyday Health revamping the brand positioning, storytelling expertise and go-to-market strategies empowering client brands to deliver growth across CPG Wellness, Hospital and Pharma clients.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience in leading success in four distinct industries (retail, technology, health & wellness, content publishing & media), and leveraging her expertise as a courageous business transformation leader and strategic thinker, Aurora is keen on harnessing her passion to enable Health and Wellness clients create meaningful disruption that drives bold growth, creating brands that deliver engaging experiences and lead to continuous customer choice and loyalty because they truly SERVE.

Aurora led the team who won the first healthcare campaign to win a Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2015 for "Take it from a Fish"; was recognized for Leadership in Technology by the Association for Women in Computing, and has been the subject of a cover story in Working Mother magazine. Aurora holds a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University.

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Pamela is a creative strategy and experience design leader who has spent the last 20 years helping brands turn customers into loyalists across channels, touchpoints, and devices. Pamela helped brands like Yahoo! eBay and Microsoft establish compelling persona-based brand stories and experiences and has gone on to spearhead large-scale digital initiatives for clients as diverse as YouTube, Bank of America, and AstraZeneca. Pamela is a frequent public speaker, and most recently appeared at SXSW 2018. She co-founded Bellatrix Group in 2018 to bring her diverse skill sets and experience directly to health and wellness clients, and to help pave the path for female entrepreneurs.



Bellatrix is one of the four navigational stars in Orion that are used for celestial navigation. It also means female warrior.

And we just so happen to be a couple of female badasses.