The explosion of consumer-driven technologies continues to demolish long-held beliefs about the level of innovation and experience required by the health and wellness industry to captivate users. At every point along the value chain, the need exists to find new ways to engage, and better methods for embracing technology.

Bellatrix Group helps clients blaze this path.


Health and Wellness Startups
at Growth Inflection Points

We work with Series B and C startups to help poise them for significant revenue growth. Our partnerships often revolve around resetting intentions around product vision and mission, evolving brand architecture to model market conditions, reevaluating promotional mix and go to market strategy, and setting business development strategy in both the B2B and B2C channels..

Agencies and Agency Networks in Model Evaluation Mode

As their clients have placed new demands for faster innovation and data-driven solutions, many agencies and agency networks have struggled to keep pace. We work with these organizations to assess innovation readiness, provide go to market insights and planning, create target personas and content strategies, and train future Design Thinkers by working as player/coaches.

Health and Wellness Enterprises Trying to Transform

The R&D and payer landscapes are evolving as fast as they ever have, causing some health and wellness enterprises to lose footing and market share. We provide competitive analyses, product road-mapping, governance programs, and the creation of Innovation Centers.